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Seafarer's Christmas Boxes

Seafarer's Christmas Box

At Christmastime each year we send brightly covered shoeboxes to the Seafarers Centre at Portbury Dock where they are distributed to various crews coming in to Dock over the Christmas Period.These are very much appreciated by the seaman who are away from home most of the year and are delighted to receive these boxes as a Christmas Gift.

In the boxes we put : Scarf, hat, gloves and socks, Soap & Flannel, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Deodorant, Disposable Razors & Shaving Foam, Shower Gel, Notepaper and Envelopes, Pens, Emery Boards and Nailbrushes, and Combs. Also Individual packets of Hot Chocolate, Tubes of sweets and small chocolate bars and the most treasured gift of all is the International Telephone card whereby they can come into the Seafarers Centre and ring their families over the Christmas period. It is a delight to see their faces when they are presented with these gifts, and equally we are please to do it for them and make their Christmas something special.

Macmillan - Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

Seafarer's Christmas Box
Worlds biggest coffee morning

Every year in September/October time we hold a Macmillan Coffee Morning in one of the homes of our members. We have a fun time eating homemade cakes and scones drinking coffee and raising funds for this wonderful cause. This year we raised £138.00.

Fundraising goes down well !

The members and friends of Portishead United Reformed Church have been raising funds by donations, little by little, week by week, during our coffee time after Sunday Morning Worship. Gradually the funds increased and there was enough to send a donation to build a well in India. We are now "well" on our way to raising enough money for another!

The money was sent to 'Favour the Helpless' a Christian organisation, committed to helping those in poverty and hardship in the Tenali region of Andhra Paresh, South India.

Here is a photo of the completed well with a message from the director of Favour the Helpless ~

Portishead URC - Well in Madigapalli, South India

Madigapalli Well, Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, South India

In this picture the water-well is very much seen. It has become the source of quenching the thirst of the entire villagers at Madigapalli with the generosity of Portishead United Reformed Church family. The villagers are grateful and thankful to Portishead URC family. Miles together they walked hard and struggled to get even a pot of water. But now water is provided by God close to their homes. Rev P. John Paul.

Favour the Helpless